– Check My Gift Card Site Balance This website had been created to use all your purchased gift prepared Visa or Master cards. This website is the place where you can use your gift cards. In order to use your gift card firstly, you need to activate your card. After the activation process, you can use your card check, check your card balance and much more. In this post, we have given you the complete details about how to use your gift card, how to login to your card, how to check your card balance, and the benefits of the gift card.

How to Use Your Gift Card

Before using your Prepared Visa or Master Gift Cards make sure you know your card’s PIN before going into the store as some merchants may require this.

At the time of purchase, you just swipe your card at the checkout and the purchase amount is deducted from your available balance. When you check your balance online, you should see not only the purchase but the remaining balance on your card.

How to Login and Check Balance of Gift Cards at
How to Login and Check Balance of Gift Cards at

When you purchase a prepaid gift card from MyGiftCard Site or receive one as a gift, it is best to register your card so that you will be able to track your purchases and check the balance.

Gift Card Features:

  • Acceptable at millions of locations: you can shop your items through millions of stores where your card is accepted. These cards are highly accepted at almost all located in the United States.
  • Card value: Your card carries a fixed amount you determined at the time of purchase.
  • the purchase amount is deducted from the available balance when you make a purchase from your card.
  • Not re-loadable: These cards are not reloadable and remain active until card amount is used up or the card expires on exportation date whichever comes first.
  • Card expiration: yes, your card may have an expiration date. The card’s expiration date is stamped on the card.

MyGiftCardSite Registration Process:

In order to register your Prepared Visa or Master Gift Card, you need have your valid card number, CVV number, and the address. Visit the official website and provide the required information and complete your registration process. After the registration of your gift card you need activate your card by using your Gift Card verification number, card account number, and the CVV number.

MyGiftCardSite login Process at

  • Visit the official website.
  • once the page loads navigate to the login section.
  • Enter your valid gift card number in the first text field.
  • Next, you need to enter the CVV number.
  • And after that, you need to enter the displayed captcha in the required text box.
How to Login and Check Balance of Gift Cards at
How to Login and Check Balance of Gift Cards at
  • Finally, click on the login button.
  • Once you are login to your account you can view balance information, view transaction history, and Cash out gift card balance

How to Check the Gift Card Balance:

There are two methods of Checking your Prepaid Gift Card Balance. the first process is that you need to visit the Official website of and Second Process is that you can Contact Mygiftcardsite Customer Service.

How to Login and Check Balance of Gift Cards at
How to Login and Check Balance of Gift Cards at
  • Check the Balance Online:

If you’re Looking to check the balance via Mygiftcardsite website. Then You just need to Login by Using your Prepaid Gift Card Number and Security Code. Only you need to know that your gift card is not expired.  Besides, the card numbers you input must be valid and correct. After logging into your card account, you can view the card balance. Moreover, you also can check the latest transaction you have done.

  • Contact the Customer Service:

There is no charge if you want to call the Customer Service. When you want to get Information about the Gift Card, you need to call 1.866.952.5653. The Customer Center is available 24 hours every day. This way is so simple since you only need a minute to complete the process.

Do the Gift Cards Have an Expiration date?

The gift cards such as those available via usually do have a date of expiration and it can be easily found written on the back of the card just as a regular credit card would have.

If the card does have an expiration date, it is important to make all financial transactions before the date ends because, after that date, the total will be nullified. This is regardless of the amount that was remaining on the gift card. Do not make the mistake of forgetting about the gift card as doing so could be a costly mistake.

Benefits Of Using 

If you’re Using Mygiftcardsite Website on the first Time then you need to know the Advantages that comes with Using Gift Cards from here’re some Features & Advantages of Website:

  • Using the Portal You can Get Rid of the Responsibility of choosing the Perfect Gifts for Your Recipient. It is designed in a manner that will allow flexibility giving your recipient the liberty to purchase anything they want with it.
  • The Gift Cards from Mygiftcardsite Website Grants your Friends, Family And Dear Ones the freedom to Get Practically anything they want therefore saving you from the embarrassment of having to Gift something your friend isn’t comfortable with. It is sadly unfortunate that many people out of ignorance may present you with the Various Gifts Most of which means less or totally nothing to you. Using this service, therefore, saves you from such awkwardness.
  • Using Website You can Easily Save Yourself a lot of Energy and time you would have to spend Making Rounds in stores Looking for the gift. This time will be spent by your friend and fortunately, they can even redeem it online from the comfort of their homes.
  • Using the Website You can Easily Register, Login, Manage, Activate And Check your Prepaid VISA & Mastercard Balances Online any time and from anywhere.

This is all about How to Login and Check Balance of Gift Cards at hope the information is useful for you to access your gift card account as well as to check your card balance. Stay connected to our website for more updates.

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